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20080625 Jones Flight

20080609_Kepler Aerotrekking 344miles

20071231 Delivery & Flight Instrucution of a Northwing 912-S Float Trike to Delaware

20071220 Testing Composite Floats On The 1st Northwing 912 At Crescent Bar & Lake Roosevelt

20071220 (REFERENCE) Weight and Loading Diagrams and Docs

20070703 Testing Northwing Quest 14.5m Wing on Airborne XT912 Tundra

20070716 Preparing George for Neuform Prop Up and No Directions...

20070702 Rigging Composite Antares Floats to Northwing Apache Sport 912 in California

20061030 Fitting & Testing of NW Quest Wing on AirCreation Tanarg

20061030 Sam and Chuck Cross Country Carving Up the Scab Lands...

20061026 Cross Country Certification w/ Capt Brad

20060930 Fourth Annual Freedom Flight Cross Country Trip

20060811 Brice and Michelle's Anniversary Weekend

20060720 Frank Solo Cross Country to Kellog Idaho

20060710 Cross Country Certification Flight for Mik, Sam & Frank

20060616 "The Canadians" Chris & Rick Instructional Trip

20050905 Third Annual Freedom Flight Cross Country In South/Central Oregon

20050610 Cross Country to Rock Lake and Palouse

20050410 Arizona Training Trip with Chavez and Kearns

20041002 Ice Age Floods Route Cross Country and Rock Lake

20040721 Mountain Flying in Sisters Oregon

20040720 Mountain Flying in Sisters Oregon with The Gallatin Group

20030325 Mountain Flying Seminar in France

20020912 First Annual Freedom Flight Oregon Coast: 750 Miles

20010101 Old Photos
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