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DVDs And Info
MEDIA: Trike Informational Video

The All About Trikes DVD is the only one of its kind. It was created to promote our entire sector of aviation with no bias toward any particular brand, instructor or supplier.
$39.99 Including Shipping in the US

MEDIA: Video-Based Ground School Kit
Optional. Don't have time to study, read, hi-lite & make notes? This video-based kit is very objective. It includes the required books we'll reference during training but is 90% video watching (12 hours) and includes simple practice-test software showing the actual test questions & explanations.
$990 Including Shipping in the US

MEDIA: Book-Based Ground School Kit
REQUIRED. This kit is a condensed & less expensive version of the kits that aviation media vendors sell. They are in the business of selling media - but we are in the business of teaching you to fly & pass the test; so we have narrowed the materials down to only what is necessary.
$395 Including Shipping in the US
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