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SOLD: Cosmos Samba
...it will easily satisfy a new triker waiting to upgrade to a larger machine, or the "glide-head"...
Click on Picture for Details. Are you a glide head? 2001 Cosmos Samba with Topless LaMoutte Wing. Other than collecting dust, this aircraft is in perfect condition. In respect to the wing, there are some small, typical dings in the sail from improper packing & traveling but it consistently demonstrates it's award winning flight characteristics as if it were brand new. I love this aircraft for its portability & it's price. This aircraft is over $11K new. Obviously, the wing can be used for foot-launched hang gliding as well. With some beach-tires, you could have the perfect weekend flying machine. There are only 10 hours on the trike and not one scratch. Full instrumentation including digital vario, atimeter and all sensors & engine diagnostic guages. It also has electric start on the 22 horsepower Zehoah. It is a very comfortable machine with totally adjustable seat. It had not been flown in 2 years yet starts on the first pull or instant turn of the key. Although the soft pack BRS ballistic parachute has been removed, the bracket & webbing is still present. The wing is a Topless by LaMouette. Its wear an tear appears to be from improper packing more so than abused use. I can't find anything wrong with the wing other than asthetics, and it flies fine. Regardless, it is $4,000 below current retail. We think it will either satisfy a new triker waiting to upgrade to a larger machine, or someone who wants the peace and quiet of a glider trike with the confidence that it will restart in flight when the thermals quit booming. It is a nice enough aircraft that we would always consider taking it back in on trade if you want to upgrade later. I've taken off in less than 30 feet with this plane and enjoyed 20-30mph flights every bit as much as our bigger & faster machines. This trike will quickly & easily fit in a car and can be set up in less than 20 minutes making it the most portable trike we've ever seen.

Instrument Pod

22HP Zenoah Electric Start

Cosmos Samba - additional photo 2

Cosmos Samba - Additional Photo
Price: $7,200
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