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SOLD: 2003 Aerotrike Cobra
Aerotrike Cobra 582, avoid the 12-week shipping delay, and enjoy a price discount of $8,000.00 Famous?...We flew this trike as the Character aircraft in a recent New Image film starring Chuck Norris & the bad guy from The Matrix, Danny Burkhardt.
Click on Picture for Details. Here's a one of the toughest outback-capable trikes available. It's a sweet machine with a long story. We have plenty of aircraft for all types of pilots, but we would appreciate serious inquiries only on this one. There are only 12 hours on the aircraft, but during the orginal owner's initial instruction, a crosswind, compounded by a bad decision from an inexperienced instructor, forced it into the apron with the left side taking the full impact. Simultaneously, the wing tip caught the base of a tree, snapping the leading edge & tearing the sail. The impact cracked the wheel pant, bent the axle, broke the drag strut and much of the left side hardware. We have completely restored the aircraft beyond new condition. As a matter of fact, many of the parts we replaced can still be used as spares, but our intentions were to competely restore the aircraft beyond the shadow of a doubt. The whole process has been professionally documented with text, letters, before & after digital photos, diagnostics, original invoices & receipts. Confident in our work, we actually flew this trike as the Character aircraft in a recent New Image film starring Chuck Norris & the bad guy from The Matrix, Danny Burkhardt. Although the wing was rebuildable, we retired it. We have several wings available for it depending upon the intentions of the new owner. This aircraft is a great opportunity for a new or existing pilot and will completely satisfy the piece of mind of a brand new aircraft. However, we have agreed to offer it at a discounted price reflecting it's history. Here are the specifics: (serious inquiries only please) 582dcdi with E-Box 4.0:1.0 Reduction. Oil Injection System. Integrated Halogen Landing Light in Nose. Custom 2003 Mercedes Midnight-Blue color with Silver Scallops & extra paint. Cobra Decals not Applied yet. Full Harnesses w/ Shoulder Restraints Dual Controls (for wing, throttle, & steering) 3" Silva Compass Integrated Extra Large, Detatchable, Padde Cordura, Custom-Made Excursion Bags. Skydat GX2 Cobalt-colored Digital Instrumentation. AlphaTec Dash Mounted Intercom System with 2 full-faced, Integrated Communcations Helmets. Dual Strobes (Kunzleman wing mount) Lighted Analog Fuel Gauge, as well as digital 'fuel used' & 'average-consumption' display. Nice. Both Exhaust & Intake Silencers. Integrated composite radiator intake with In-Flight adjustable flap. 21(twenty-one) gallon fuel tank! BRS 1050 Canister Intergrated into fairing. Flushmount Deployment flap. Cool Design. 4-Blade Arplast Helice Propeller: Color-Matched with the Trike. Full Heavy Duty Trike Cover. Lots of other little gizmos, parts, & gear. Full Documentation & Invoices. Basically any wing that the client wants is available and is included in price. Wings available for this application are LaMouette, AirCreation, Northwing Topless, Aeros, & Rainbow. There will be No Charge for Delivery in Washinton State. Setup, Maintenance & Check-Ride lesson included. International freight, crate, customs fees, domestic delivery, & the hassle, is all taken care of. Priced out New is well over $37,000.00 with a minimum of 14 week delivery time. For Sale at $28,000-29,000 pending wing selection. 5%+ available to Broker. Call for details.

Cobra Main Pic

Full Dash

Aerotrike Cobra - Additional Photo

Excursion Bags

Cobra Front Iso


Seating & Harnesses

Aerotrike Cobra - Additional Photo

4-Blade Arplast Helice

Main Console

GX2 Flight Computer
Price: $28,000.00
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