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Click pic to read... Sex sells, right? In this case I'm using it to get you to read the following before sending us grumpy emails about over-priced "flying weedeaters" and how you built one for 50 bucks out of PVC & Glad Bags back before the earth cooled off... Look, you guys crack us up & frankly we owe you a lot of thanks for sticking to the sport in the 70's & 80's when the FAA tried to kill it. We can relate so listen up; "You don't have to spend $30 - $80 grand for a trike!" We sell great trikes from the best manufacturers around the world and they are available from $14K and up. Regardless, most people spend between $22K & $28K including instruction & accessories. Single-seat FAR Part 103 trikes are actually half that price. All that being said, prices are changing daily with the value of the US Dollar against the Euro and shipping prices vary with price of fuel blah blah blah... As much as I'd like to put all the trikes we offer on the site, it's not efficient for us to update the site daily with price & option variations. So, please call if you've researched enough to have questions on a specific trike. 509.990.5060. Or, go to the respective manufacturers' websites where you can see all the info in one place. Then call us for an unbiased translation of all the bull... If you're just looking for the girl in the pink swimming suit, well, there's other websites for that too my friend...
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