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SOLD - In Stock (#46) Northwing Apache Sport 912 with only 15 hours total time.
Click on the picture for additional pictures and full details. Using CAD & Kamron's direction, we personally designed & developed the new Sport fairing & composite package for the Apache Sports. We used the same CAD & experience from 2000+ hours of trike flying to assist Northwing with the development of the 912 version of the Apache Sport last winter. We have purchased & sold all 3 of Northwing's trikes that have been outfitted with Rotax 912's. What nice, durable, comfortable machines; even for us big guys. This particular trike was sold at the beginning of the summer with all equipment included for $44K. There are only 15 or 16 hours total time. This trike is being offered because the owner is going to be on location directing a movie for he next 9 months and will not have the opportunity to fly it. If you outfitted an Airborne, AirCreation, Aerotrike, Apollo, Cosmos or DTA with all the same options and delivered it anywhere in the US, you will save a minumum of $7288 by going with this Northwing. And, you keep your money here in the US where it is appreciated. We know this trike inside and out and would be happy to stand behind it with support if ever needed. We believe it to be the best value, comfort & durability for the dollar spent on a touring trike or reliable 4-stroke instructional trike. It is completely loaded but here are the highlights: It has a welded steel backframe & dual mast, the emergency parachute is the new BRS-6 rated for 1050lbs. The propeller is a Neuform from Germany and is the largest & quietest on the global market with a 9" chord at mid-blade. You can fly this trike without a headset. It's amazing. It has Dual Rear Hydraulic brakes & parking brake with spun aluminum wheels from Hegar and wide turf-tires. Note: Tundra tires will fit this trike while keeping the full fairing on it. The instrumentation is the Stratomaster Ultra by SkyDat and is customizable, even for IFR. The Exhaust is ceramic coated by JetHot. The fairing is custom painted to Competition Yellow and clear coated so it will not fade like gelcoated fairings. Full navigation lighting. GPS, VHF, full commucication wiring & mounts exist with equipment available. Full Instructional Kit has been installed on wing & trike unit. Gas Strut Assisted Lift for wing is installed. Wing can stay on the trike for transporting. IF you have specific requests, please let us know what you want with the trike or not and we'll adjust the options & price to fit your needs. Instruction, delivery or crate & shipping are available pending schedules & weather of course.
















Price: $41K or Make Fair Offer
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